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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Most likely getting into trouble again... LoL

(Haha, it must've been a terrible roll xD Well, it was worth a shot)

Heh. Route 3 just isn't that kind to me, is it? Ah, well...

I follow the path in a trance, my mind feeling a little clouded. What was this place? I wondered distantly. I didn't linger over the thought too long, however. I was more concerned with the mysterious voice that kept calling me.

Then I realized that my Pokemon weren't with me.

I paused, glancing about worriedly. "Blaze?"
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*it was a*

Zayna heart races a little as she notices they are gone. The cold breeze continues to lead her down the misty path.

"Zayna...standing around is going to get your no where."

A cold shiver runs down her spine as the mans voice makes her uncomfortable. She watches as the a figure appears in the mist. The man walks out pauses just at the edge.

"The way I see you have two choices..come along with me down the dark path, or stand there letting your fear get the best of you."

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