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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Gwaine , Slink , Bitey , Hedwig , Electron , Moonlight
Currently: Entering Route 5

I walked into Route 5, and waited on a park bench near the entrace for Minako. I sat and watched the trees and bushes of the forest move, probably full of pokemon.

After looking at my pokedex at what pokemon were here, I decided I wanted to catch an Aron next. I continued to sit and wait paitently.
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*awesome an event...*

Everything had been looking up for you for awhile. I guess you had caught a lucky streak....Opps that is over. The ground begins to shake violently..Cobalt had not been expecting anything like this. How could he! The tremors knocked him onto the ground. He had felt little shakes in the ground before but nothing to this magnitude !

Cobalt gets up off the ground..he notices a few trees have fallen over and the sound of someone calling for help.

Do you go to check it out ??

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