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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Name: Snow
Party: Razor(Bulbasaur), Spike(Rattata), Gaia(Sunkern), Lulu(Buneary)
Location: Route 2
don't worry spinirak we'll take care of whoever started this let's go get these thugs

Officials Post

Snow and his team take off in search of whom ever or whatever is causing the Spinarak stress. The little purple spider leads the team through a maze of trees that normally would be the route for the Spinarak family. Along the way Snow notices broken webs and empty trees. This place sure has taken a hit from whoever is doing this. About an hour into his journey, Snow stops when he notices and old camp site. He is not much of a tracker but he knows enough to know that he is looking at a camp site. He checks out the old fire pit, he shuffles through the old soda bottles thrown in the grass. These people were dirty...He looks around and sees small tire tracks.

Do you follow them>?

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