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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

Originally Posted by vegetunks937 View Post
"Hello, may i get a form to register." Vege said
He was a tall, fit boy. The professor said " So, you want to join this league. Okay fill this form and you will get your pokemon." He handed out a form to Vege.
He filled
Name : Vege
Starter Pokemon : Charmander

He always thought of having a pokemon but never had a chance before. He loves charmander as he is cute and is of fire element.He handed back the form to professor.

Professor Cedar

"Here is your Charmander. He's a cutie." Professor Cedar handed him his Charmander's Poke Ball.

Vege received a Charmander, a PokeGear v3.0 and 5 Poke Balls. Go ahead and make your trainer record in here. And, as a reminder, no IV/EV training. Have fun!
Join the PE2K Wi-Fi League!

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