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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Official's Post

Cobalt was looking for a Murkrow. Murkrow are awesome like that. Don't judge, k? Anyways, he spies a black bird in the trees above.

COULD IT BE...? This black bird...staring at him...Like it wants to be captured...And have an owner...

A wild Murkrow appeared! Write a story about the battle and make it count!
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After a long time (not really), I had finally found a murkrow. I was not keen to let it go easy.

"Electron! Go" I said, throwing the lure ball (Which I was stil surprised that it caught a Shinx) into the air. It opened, and light poured out onto the ground, quickly becoming Electron.

Electron lowered itself down, raising the fur on his back, and baring his teeth. His tail waved in the air, creating sparks of electricity. He had taken a beating in the last battle, but after some rest in the pokeball, he was ready to fight.

The murkrow let out a high pitched cry.
As it did this, a thick haze covered the path making it near impossible to see anything.

Suddenly out of nowhere, the Murkrow flew down towards Electron, knocking him over. It disappeared into the haze again and Electron stood up.

"Electron, start Charging electricity, and hold onto it. Be ready to use it at a moments notice!" I shouted. Electron nodded. His tail started flicking faster, and he surrounded by a yellow Aura, sparks flying off of him. The Murkrow attempted another divebomb, but Electron managed to dodge this one. The Murkrow turned around at another attempt.

"Grab it with your tail!" I yelled out. Electron sidestepped out of the way, and wrapped his tail around the Murkrow's leg.

"Now thundershock!" I yelled out.

The Murkrow screamed as electricity flowed through it's body. After a few seconds it passed out and landed on the ground.

"Now is my chance. Friend ball time!" i said throwing my last Friend ball at the Murkrow hoping for the best...

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