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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Name: Elise
Species: Grovlye
Location: A swamp
Currently: Hungry, Thirsty, and kinda Scared

Elise rose to her feet. The Grovyle had not seen many Pokemon since the attack on the valley. She was used to lonliness, but this lack of Pokemon was absurd to her. She began to walk onward. Her stomach complained at every step. She looked down at the bog water. She was almost tempted to try the unflowing, stagnant liquid. She looked around to see if there was anything at all edible. To her dissapointment there was nothing she could actually eat and expect not to see later.

She thought she heard a noise. Her head darted from side to side as she looked around. She forced herself to calm down seeing that it was just a Poliwag splashing into the water. She continued to walk. She felt as if she was being watched, but with her odd coloration, it wouldn't surprise her if she was being watched. She just hoped that any prying eyes would not be less than friendly.

Name: Malachi
Species: Salamence
Location: Swamp
Currently: Not exactly confortable

Malachi had crash landed into the swamp. He was pleased that his dream to fly was finally fullfilled, but it was quickly overwhelmed by the collision into the mud. He did not particularly like mud. He instantly found he preferred flying because his legs were still quite banged up by that Hydreigon. He sat and rested his wings. Ater a quick rest he took the sky once more. Once more he found himself crashing into the mud again. He rested his wings once again, and he flew once again.
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