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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
Defeated Gardenia with no losses. ^^ (yays) Guess all my paranoid leveling paid off. Don't wanna lose another. ^^'

And thanks, Char! I always seem drawn to the crazy places for some reason. Dunno why. Maybe it makes me feel sane. ^^

Hey, MGS! You have a Golbat? My Zubat totally just evolved before Eterna City!
Well, sorta. He evolved into a Crobat via training against Elesa. :) Also, I had an Azurill, who evolved into Marill, then evolved again into Azumarill. Could anyone let me know how Marill evolves?
Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Platinum is definitely the hardest game to Nuzlocke.
'Tis is. I'm so paranoid about training for Fantina and I've already lost my Staravia against Jupiter. DO. NOT. USE. FAVORITE POKEMON. AGAINST. HER.

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