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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

(OOC: Meh. I hate when I make short posts. Dx)

Yuri, Isla, and Flash (Pikachu, Leafeon, and Flareon)

Isla sighed and got to her paws, heading over to the young Scyther - Gladewing, she believed was his name - and paused for a moment to examine the berries he had. With a glance over her shoulder at Yuri, the Leafeon let a memory from her life in the Valley wash over her. A memory of when she would go looking for berries with her mother, how she would use her tail to pluck off some of the higher ones and toss them into the whatever they were using to carry them.

"Yuri!" she called.

The Pikachu gave an irritated sigh and turned to her. "What?"

"Catch," Isla said simply, wrapping her tail around one of the Qualot berries and tossing it in the air. As it came back down, she smacked it with her tail and sent it sailing toward the Pikachu, who had to jump up to catch the berry.

Yuri held the Qualot berry in her tiny paws and smiled a little. "Thanks, Isla."

Isla shrugged and picked up a berry for herself, walking a short distance away from the Scyther to sit down and eat before the group would move on. As she ate, she watched Flash nod to the shiny Pikachu and walk over to the noticeably weak Charmeleon that was among the group.

Yuri, however, was still staring at the berry in her paws. With a quick glance around, she caught sight of Aggranium talking to Snowsong and sighed. She felt kind of bad for being rude to the him earlier when he was only trying to cheer her up. Her tail glowed white and hardened as she tossed the berry into the air and swung around, slicing the berry in half before ending her Iron Tail attack. Holding the two halves of the berry, she walked over to the pair.

"Here, Aggranium, you want this half?" she asked, holding out the second half of the berry.

Flash approached the Charmeleon slowly. He had seen others try to talk to her with little success, but he didn't seem to mind much and stopped in front of her.

"Hey, my name is Flash," he introduced. "Listen, the flame on your tail is really weak, so I'm going to try and strengthen it a bit with my ember attack, is that alright?"
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