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(No, it's fine!)

Nightfang watched the other pokemon, impatient to get moving. Seeing Gladewing offering the berries, she walked over to the scyther and muttered a small "thanks" before taking one herself and carring it with her as she trotted back in front of the group and turned around, hoping the pokemon wouldn't take long in getting ready.

Bladestrike, on the other hand, took one look at the berries and turned away in disgust, leaving Gladewing behind as he limped over toward Nightfang. He stopped before getting too close, but the mightyena still swept her gaze away from him.

"So what is the plan now? I overheard people mentioning moving on?" she heard someone asked, and looked toward Cobalt.

"Yes," she replied, setting her berry down, "we're leaving." She found it odd that Bladestrike had distracted her enough that she hadn't noticed the gallade approaching, and gave her head a small shake. She was tired, and her senses weren't as keen as they usually were. This worried her, considering they were about to head into unfamiliar territory. She took a deep breath. She needed to focus. Turning to the berry she dropped, she quickly picked it up again and hurriedly gulped it down before once again looking toward the group, waiting for them to gather behind her. She watched Torin and Poppy searching for a clear path, and felt a little better about the upcoming journey.

Bladestrike, however, was still extremely nervous. The amount of pokemon, whose names he kept forgetting, was overwhelming, and the goal of their journey was muddled and confusing to him. He couldn't quite remember what they were searching for. He guessed it was food, but he didn't want to go where they were going if all that was available was stuff that grew on plants. However, he didn't have much of a choice, and resigned himself to waiting until things became more clear.

Voices reached him and he turned, thinking for a moment that he could remember who they belonged to. He saw a shiny pikachu and a furret, but their names wouldn't come to him. He recognized the furret, however, and that made him feel a bit more at ease. He started to approach them, but the furret left to rejoin the second furret. He could tell the pikachu was worried about something, but he couldn't tell what. " all right?" he asked once he was close enough to the pokemon, not sure if he was one of the ones who knew who he was, but he hoped the pokemon would understand that he meant to be friendly if he didn't.

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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