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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Official's Post

Cobalt moved with caution using a stick to help him get a better look. He took a deep breath stopping only when he noticed a pokemon egg. Cobalt looked back to the birds who continued to make noise. Could it just have been that an egg fell form the tree? Cobalt stood back up moving further through the thick bushes. He failed to notices sparks light up behind him.
"HOO HOO" The little bird let out a cry to warn Cobalt.

Cobalt turned towards the sound again he only saw the bushes moving. HooHoot flew up and landed on a branch. You looked up to try to get it come down when you finally noticed the sparks.

A wild Shinx has appeared

It must be going after Murkrow eggs ! The little guy sends out a blast of electricity. Hoothoot shouldnt get involved in this battle ! Write a paragraph about the capture or battle.

Gwaine, Slink, Bitey, Hedwig
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I faced a dilemma. My best bet would to use Gwaine's Magical Leaf, or Hedwig's Hypnosis. But Gwaine was in bad shape, and a battle would be dangerous for him. He had already done great, so I will leave him in peace. As for Hedwig, she had less experience in battling, and a type Disadvantage wouldn't be good for this battle.

"Slink, come out!" I said as I tossed up the pokeball. It opened and Slink emergred from it.

"Hyperfang!" I said. Slink ran forwards, bearing his large teeth, and dived and Shinx. The shinx sidestepped out of the way, then wrapped it tail around Slink's leg. I knew what was coming.

"Slink! Get out of there!" I yelled. But I was too late. The Shinx used thundershock, which knocked out Slink in one hit.

"Slink! Return!" I said as I pressed the button on the pokeball and he was withdrawn from the battle.

"Go Bitey!" I said. The black Canine pokemon bared its teeth as it growled and barked at the Shinx.

"Bitey! Swagger!" I said. Suddenly Bitey was englufed in a red Aura, and glared at the Shinx. Her eyes flashed red, as the Shinx went into a state of panic. It attempted to use thundershock, but couldn't release it, and was hurt by it.

"Bitey! Your namesake!" I said jokingly. Bitey understood, and ran at the Shinx, clamping her jaws on his tail. She pulled it's tail, and tripped it over.

"Now Thunder fang!"

Bitey bit the Shinx, and electricity ran through it's body. Bitey jumped back, and the Shinx slowly stood up. One more hit, and I will go for the pokeball.

"Bitey! Tackle."

Bitey ran forward, and dived into the Shinx, knocking it over.

I looked in my bag at what pokeballs I had. A dusk Ball, a friend ball and a lure ball. None of them were useful in this situation. But the lure ball will not be useful to me for a while.

"This lure ball had better work!" I said as I threw it, and it englufed Bitey...

(OOC I am desperate for torchic. They cost 60 stars at Aurora city. I have 71 stars. Until I get wifi there is no way I can be certain I will have enough stars before then if I buy expensive balls. If I get free stars through an OP I will invest in some new ones. But until then, I have to stick with regular pokeballs (which I have no more of, or the specialty balls I got for free which are useless in this battle)

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