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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

OOC: Sorry if it seems like I'm ignoring anyone. Lots of stuff going on. ^^'


Chip, Poppy, and Torin
Furret twins and shiny Pikachu

The Riolu had introduced himself as Symon or Sy. Poppy and Chip both responded with a ‘nice to meetcha.’ Isla also introduced herself and Brokenstar gave him a puzzle to guess her name -which he accomplished rather quickly- then offered a ride if he was tired. Politely refusing, Sy went instead to check on the melancholy Charmeleon. Seeing his kindness toward Embyr made Poppy smile, though she could sense he was incredibly sad about something. It was not an unfamiliar feeling among the group that had lost so much. Looking around at all the Pokemon who were in such dismal spirits, the young Furret began to feel it was that place doing it to them.

“I think that the sooner we move, the better,” she admitted quietly.

Chip nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it looks like everyone’s bout ready to go. C’mon,” he said, jerking his head. “Let’s go find the firmest path out of here.” With a quiet acknowledgement, Poppy followed her brother to the edge of the mist, where the massive tree’s influence ended.

While everyone else was getting ready to move on, Torin was trying to find a way to help at least one Pokemon before heading back onto soggy ground. The shiny Pikachu watched the twins checking the area for the best place to walk as Flash was looking over at Embyr. The Charmeleon was trying to stand unsteadily. Flash looked a little unsure if he could really do anything and answered uncertainly after a moment.

“I'm not sure how much help it would be. I haven't tried using my fire moves since I entered the swamp as I had no reason to use them, but I can certainly try.”

Torin nodded. “Yeah, I can get that. But, I’d really appreciate if you did try before we get going. It will at least give her a little energy if she warms up. Her temperature is just too low for a fire type.” His cheeks sparked again from the moisture and he took a deep breath to keep from snapping again. “I’m sorry if I seem a little irritated. It’s just frustrating being round so many Pokemon who need help and not being able to do anything. My paws are itching to get to work...and there’s just nothing I can do. Could you...please, try to take care of that one thing?”

The shiny Pikachu glared at the ground, his paws clenched in frustration. He could not help thinking that his father would have been able to find a way to help everyone. He was a better healer and always seemed able to make the best of a situation. And here he was, unable to do a thing. If they did not make it out of this area soon, Torin did not know what would happen. If something happened to one of the other Pokemon because he could not help...

“Hey.” Chip had walked up and his sudden appearance had pulled Torin out of his reverie, making him jump. “Are you alright? Poppy said that you seemed upset.”

Torin looked over at the smaller Furret. She sat beside the edge of the clearing, looking more than worried. Torin’s brooding had caught her attention and she was afraid that he really was going to snap if he did not calm down quickly. He tried to reassure her with a smile, but was unable to do so. With a small sigh, the gold Pikachu nodded.

“I’m fine, just got worked up. Tell her I’ll be alright and I’ll catch up with you two in a minute.”

Chip gave a small grin. “Okay. Just take it easy. There’s only so much anyone would be able to handle in this place.”

He turned, trotting back over to report to his sister. Torin was left thinking that his friend had hit on exactly what he needed to hear. He muttered a quiet apology, turning back to Flash. He hoped that the Eeveon would be able to help.
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