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Trainer: Zayna

Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
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Zayna was seriously hoping and praying that she wouldn't get into anymore trouble. Well...,

A wild Munna appeared! Write a story about the battle!

For the love of...

Wait, a Munna? Now that seemed familiar to me...

The pink flying elephant thing stared at me with those timid red eyes, and a memory instantly snapped into my head.

The Munna cringed as the grunt struck again.

"Come on, Munna! Spit out that Dream Mist!"

"Stop it!" a blonde-haired young woman cried out, her face wide with horror. "Why are you doing this? Aren't you Trainers, too?"

"You bet we are," one of the grunts smirked. "But not any like you--we're fighting for the greater good of all life. We fight for freedom!"

I spoke up, scowling at the grunts, "What is wrong with you? I don't see how abusing that Munna will get you any closer to your so-called 'liberation'."

"What would you know?" the grunt sneered. "Sacrifices must be made if we are to free Pokemon from Trainers like you! Hundreds of Pokemon will benefit from Munna's Dream Mist, and we must obtain it by any means necessary!"

In the memory, I felt myself reach for my Poke Balls. "Not if I have anything to say about it..."

The grunt grinned devilishly. "Then allows us to liberate your Pokemon..."

That was... a vivid memory. I swayed a little as I returned to reality. The Munna still drifted near me, looking at me curiously. A faint pink cloud evaporated into the air beside it... Was it the Dream Mist that grunt had mentioned? ... If it had used it just now... then... Did it unlock my memory just now?

I had to catch this thing.

"All right, Critter," I took out my Boldore's Poke Ball, and he appeared in an instant. "Let's get this battle rolling--use Smack Down, now!"

My rockin' dude went through with the attack, launching a hefty boulder at the Munna. The blow effectively knocked the Psychic-type to the ground. Though it was down, it wasn't about to give up. The elephant stared at Critter in indignation before unleashing a beam of twisting colors. Critter was pushed backwards by the attack, his peg-like feet digging furrows in the earth.

"Counter with Headbutt, Critter!" I commanded.

Critter charged forward--and, at the same time, Munna was preparing a move of its own. As it sat on the ground, it braced itself for impact as its forehead began glowing...

The moment the two collided, there was a miniature explosion. Everyone was knocked back--including me. I sat up with a grunt and looked over the battleground. Critter was rolling about the path on his sides a few feet from where the collision had occurred. Munna had likewise been blasted back, staring up at the sky in a daze. Zen-Headbutt had just met Headbutt, and the results had been dazzling. Critter was still able to battle, thanks to his sturdiness, but Munna was not so fortunate.

The time was right.

Reaching into my bag, I pulled out a Timer Ball and tossed it at the Munna. It was sucked inside, and I waited with baited breath as the ball rolled...

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