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OOC: Sorry for such a short post


“Please,” if you have any help you can offer, help the young first. I may be old and wounded, but I can guarantee now is not the time for me to die. Soon, perhaps, but certainly not now.”

“If you insist,” Hope whispered, looking away.

He remembered the days in the Valley, when he didn’t need to help anyone, but lived alone, with no home. Traveling around the Valley many times over in the 60-something years he had been alive. Those were the days, before that Arcanine had taken over.

Shaking himself from that happy vision, he nodded to the Absol, limping off as he prepared his old body for traveling.

Lifewing looked at the old Sceptile as Hope stretched a bit. What a strange creature. He needed to stretch to walk, yet quick as lightning caught him in a powerful grip. He turned to the healers. They were snapping under the pressure of having no supplies. Lifewing grimaced as the burn seared him a bit, but shrugged it off. He tried taking off, flapping his wings as he endured horrible pain, and finally landed, exhausted.

Stupid, he thought, waste all of your energy on a whim. He could hear these words, and more, coming from Brokenstar’s mouth. Muttering, he rested a bit, then got up. He realized he was hungry, so he went over to the Scyther with berries for food.

“I would like… an Oran berry, please,” the Pidgeotto said dejectedly.
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