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Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
Um...Me has an idea.

Path Finder

Hello, there. My name is Quinn and I run this game. The reason I'm a Snivy is...well...I got turned into one. I started this because, now I have really no use for the stuff I'm giving away. Let me explain this to you. In this game, you choose a path from ten different ones (Twelve for special caves). Each cave has more of one thing than another, and some have equal. Just hope you don't get nothing at the end! I'll give a key to you so you can unlock the chest at the end. Talk to my friends if you want more information! ^^

Hi there! I'm Rick and I run the Information Center! There are four caves you can explore, each with different prizes! The run for the regular caves cost $6 and the special ones cost $8! Talk to me if you need any more information when (Or if. xD) this starts up!

I'm Sara, and I run this cave. These are the Common Caves. In this area, nothing is more common than others and you can find some pretty cool stuff! Here's what you can get;
-One Baby-Stage Pokemon of choice
-One Berry
-One free evolution of Pokemon of choice
-Cave Pass (Good for one cave [Excludes Bonus Cave])
-Bonus Round Key (Let's customer unlock one chest from Bonus Cave)

In here, just be careful of the chests that contain nothing! Just as a heads up, there are three paths that lead to nothing.

Um...hi there. I'm Kha, and I run Pass Cave... In this cave it is possible to get passes more often if you go through here. Here are the prizes...:
-Gold Pass (Allows a free run through Bonus Cave [Must still trade in prize])
-Cave Pass
-Two Cave Passes (One to share, or not)
-Bonus Round Key
-Filler Item (Worthless Item -Insert Troll face here-)

The rest are filled with nothing...I thought I should warn you about that...

My name's Corey, and I run the Gold Cave. Here's some information you ought to know; YOU CAN FIND MORE MONEY HERE. MORE MONEY=MOAR STUFF. Now, here's the prizes!:
-Baby-Stage Pokemon
-One Berry
-Cave Pass

The rest are filled with nothing, sorry to say.

Hello! I'm Susan, and I'm a little embarrassed that I got turned into a Sableye. Nevertheless, I run Fighters Cave! In here, evolutions are more common. Here are the things you can win;
-One free evolution of Pokemon of choice
-Poke Ball decoy (Worthless item, nothing)
-One Stage-One or non-evolving Pokemon of choice
-One free evolution of Pokemon of choice
-Pokemon decoy (Worthless item, nothing)
-Cave Pass

The rest is nothing, I'm afraid.

It's me again. I'm head of the Bonus Cave. In this cave, there are AWESOME prizes that you can get, but it costs $5 more to play. You cannot use a Cave Pass, but a Gold Pass. A Gold Pass let's you play this cave for free. Here are the prizes:
-One Stage-Two Pokemon of choice
-One evolution of Pokemon of choice
-Gold Pass

I must warn you, though, there are an equal amount of a chest containing nothing as prizes in the Bonus Cave.

Let me tell you how to play this game:
This will be PM'd to you. I provide you with an even better description of the cave and provide you with 10/12 forks in the roads. Each will be numbered. Odds are left, and evens are right. I will then post in the game saying what you won. You must post back to the game when you're claiming your prize.

Now, here's how I do it:
When each path is chosen, I roll a 10/12-sided die to determine which even or odd number carries on. Each prize is assigned a number with 1-10 or 1-12.

1, 8: Congratulations! You have earned -Prize On# of cave-
2: Oh, no! You didn't get anything...
3, 6, 7: Wow! You got -Prize # of cave-
4, 9, 10: Amazing! You got -Prize # of cave-
5, 11:Oh, darn, you didn't get a prize. Too bad.
12: Good job!

(I roll 10/12 again to determine if it has a prize or not.)

That's the game! *Waits for approvals/denies*
Alright, I have made some edits.

@Velo: Sableye's color has been darkened to purple, you no longer have to fork over your prize, and it's now that I roll 10/12 after the player has chosen.

@3m0: The $2/$5 more for the bonus cave? If you could please highlight the paragraph I said that, that would be FANTASTIC. I'm pretty sure that I meant special caves.

The special caves are all but Grumpig. She now hosts two common caves with prizes I will edit soon because I am a little tired now. xD

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