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Default Re: What You Want to See in the Starters

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Since the types for the starters were announced, what do you want to see in the evolutions of the starters? What types do you wanna see? What animal do you want to see them based on? What moves do you want them to be able to use?

For me, I'm hoping Fennekin becomes Fire/Ground, Fire/Electric, or just plain Fire typed. I want it to be able to use the same moves as Typhlosion; Eruption, Flame Charge, Wild Charge, Lava Plume, etc. Hopefully Fennekin will keep it's animal as the Fennec Fox. <3

Also, for those who don't know yet, the starters are pure typed. No secondary types.
Well what did you expect? Ever since Gen I all the starters have been single-typed except for Bulbasaur

I'd love a Fire/Electric Fennekin evo as it could prove a nice troll to the Froakie family (as long as, hopefully, it isn't a Ground-type)
Originally Posted by Roze View Post
I'd still like to see Fennekin become Fire/Psychic. I'd love an evolution that lead anywhere close to Kyubimon.

This is the most Kyubimon I've seen. Looks like a first evolution (I love to see what this evovles into):

This is a different take but still reminds me of Kyubimon:

I also thought this was pretty interesting. Fennekin's ear hair seems to have been turned into wings creating a Fire/Flying Pokemon.

This is one of my all time favorites also. I love the hair necklace.

Actually if any of the Pokemon became half psychic it would automatically become the one I'd choose.

I will ABSOLUTELY NOT tolerate a psychic starter! There are too many Psychic types in existance as is. At least every generation we get a flooding of Psychic-type Pokémon, especially legendaries, who are either overpowerered trolls (evident the most in Red and Blue), or crap to use with their dangerously hindering weaknesses to Dark, Ghost, and Bug (as in every following Generation).
Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
It is likely that Froakie will evolve into a Water/Ice type, judging by it's use of Ice Beam in a screenshot.
Most Water-types use Ice-type moves as a Grass-type counter. Just because Froakie used an Ice-type move doesn't make it an Ice-type Pokémon
Originally Posted by Roze View Post
I was pretty sure that I saw Froakie use Hydro Pump and Faint Attack.
Both very possible. Neither would necessarily hint to its evolution types though.
Originally Posted by Roze View Post
I highly doubt and pray that there will be no Fire/Fighting and no Water/Ground. I'm gonna give Gamefreak a little credit and say that they aren't that redundant. Based of Froakie's white mane, I'm going to say he will not be part ground.

I'd prefer pure water over part ground. I'd love Water/Dark, Water/Dragon, Water/Flying, Even Water/Poison.
THANK YOU! Someone with some sense!

Water/Ground has been abused ever since Quagsire was conceived, and a Water/Ground toad by name of Seismitoad already exists. On top of that, Swampert already is a Water/Ground final evo of a starter and we do NOT need another ripoff of him like Emboar and Infernape are ripoffs of Blaziken. On that thought, PLEASE LET THE FIRE/FIGHTING CHAIN BE OVER!
I am getting SICK AND TIRED of seeing that type combo OVER AND OVER among starters. It's almost as though it will become a staple for every future game on end like that there will always be a Bug/Poison and a Grass/Poison in every generation. ENOUGH REDUNDANCY! In the cases of the others, I only see Water/Poison as a possibility that I wouldn't scream bloody murder over. I think that the others are represented fine.

And to end on a more productive note, I'm hoping for Grass/Rock or Grass/Steel Chespin because, while I dislike redundancy, I know that those combinations are dangerously underrepresented and that a Grass/Ghost or Grass/Dragon starter would be out of the question.
For Fennekin, I'd take Fire/Electric seeing as Rotom is a pathetic excuse for representing that combo. I'd take Fire/Ground but that would make Fennekin's family have a glaring disadvantage against Froakie's family. I'd love Fire/Ice as an uncovered type combination but that is about a likely as Chespin becoming Grass/Dragon, a la impossible.
And finally Froakie I'd like to see become Water/Poison and I've grown into the possibility of Water/Fighting or Water/Electric. I realize that neither Lanturn nor Poliwrath have the real threat factor that their types would suggest, so maybe Froakie could awaken the potential that Poliwrath and Lanturn couldn't.

EDIT: Hey I happen to like Excadrill. It's a much better Ground/Steel than Steelix in terms of fighting power and I find Drilbur to be cute.
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