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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by vegetunks937 View Post
[Char] Charmander (Male)
Ability: Blaze
Signature Move: Volcanic Attack
Description: Charmander uses focus punch on the ground. He then uses fire spin. All the scattred rocks are also thrown on the opponent with the fire.
Type: Fire/Rock
Base Power: Equal to double of Fire spin
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 0
Impact: Single player
Priority: 0
Effects: +2 Attack, +2 Sp. Attack
Usage Gap: 2 times a battle.
Lemme just throw my two cents in here even though I'm not an official. I posted something like this, and the Official who posted back said this:

Originally Posted by Official I can't remember who told me this
Why wouldn't you just use X-Scissor and Brick Break at the same time?
This applies here. Focus Punch on the ground~Fire Spin the rocks towards ____. Just letting you know. :)

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