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Default Re: What You Want to See in the Starters

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
why must you argue with everything i sya on such matters? no the fox won't be a fighting type odd say as the animal the fox it dosn't have the build of a fighting type.
Emboar is a flaming pig and can learn Scald. Sense where?

Keldeo has the build of a small unicorn and it's a fighting type. How does that work?

Toxicroak looks more fitting to be Poison/Dark but it's Poison/Fighting and learns far more Dark moves than fighting moves. ><

Galvantula's dex entries says it can create barriers with it's electric thread but it can't learn Barrier or Reflect, only Light Screen. [NINTENDO FIX THIS]

You can't base typing and things mased on moves and what the Pokemon is based off of. Pokemon can throw in the random thing in there that doesn't make sense.


I'm hoping Chespin is Grass/Rock. If it turns into something like a mole that would be awesome. I'd like a nice mole Pokemon that's not Excadrill. Excadrill bores me.
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