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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen

The next morning Ashley woke up from the sound of an annoying beeping coming from a few feet away from her as the brunette slowly opened her eyes, watching as Jeremy stood up from the place where he sat and began to walk cautiously towards the sound. It was clear that Jeremy hadn't gotten any sleep last night from the dark circles underneath his eyes, which irritated Ashley since she knew Jeremy hadn't woken her up so she could take a shift of watching out for enemies while Jeremy could sleep.

"Why didn't you wake me up? You look like crap, Jeremy." Ashley said though she didn't get out of the sleeping bag, both hers and Jeremy's cold getting worse as she let out yet another horrible cough.

"You're sick." Jeremy responded as he continued to make his way towards the beeping sound.

"Well so are you." Ashley argued.

"I think there's a parachute around here somewhere." Jeremy ignored his sister though let out a cough as well, the male finding a small silver parachute at the entrance of the cave. Jeremy quickly opened the silver compartment attached to the parachute, a smile instantly coming onto his face. There were two small syringes with a yellow colored liquid inside, as well as a small card the side of Jeremy's pinky finger.

Inject into arm.
-Mom and Dad

Jeremy continued to smile, hurrying back over to his sister and dropped down onto his knees in front of her.

"What is that?" Ashley asked as Jeremy took out the first syringe.

"Medicine." Jeremy responded, taking off his jacket and injecting the yellow liquid into his arm as Ashley read the small card from her parents. After a few moments Jeremy began to feel better, bringing the Tribute to sigh in relief. "It's working. Give me your arm." Ashley nodded, moving out of the sleeping bag and instantly began to shiver from the cold. Jeremy took the second syringe and injected the medicine into his sister's arm, the brunette instantly feeling relief from her sickness just like her brother.

"The sponsors really pulled through." Ashley commented with a smile.

"They really did, but I doubt we'll be getting anything from them for a while. That medicine must had cost a fortune, and there was even two of them. We need to be extremely careful for now on." Jeremy pointed out as Ashley nodded in agreement, the two beginning to get their strength back.

"When should we make our way back to the Cornucopia?"

"Probably either tomorrow morning or the next morning at the very latest. Let's just stay here, gather our strength and stock up on supplies." Ashley nodded at her brother's words, Jeremy slipping his jacket back on as Ashley curled back inside the sleeping bag.

"I'm tempted to go get that rope from the frozen lake." Ashley said as she looked in the direction of the lake, the brunette wanting to get her arrow back as well.

"It's far too dangerous." Jeremy shook his head, taking out his backpack and opening it to get out the loaf of bread. "We should eat some breakfast. Early this morning while you were still sleeping I scouted about half a mile and found a stream with a lot of fish passing through. Let's make our way there after breakfast so we can get a few fish and some fresh water. The lake is too frozen to break the ice right now."

"We don't have any fishing supplies though." Ashley responded as she pulled out the bag of dried fruit and dried meat from her own backpack.

"The stream is only about a foot deep so you can use your bow to get the fish." Jeremy pointed out, bringing Ashley to nod. Jeremy had his clothes on already as Ashley placed on her own while Jeremy cut a couple slices of bread with his throwing knife, the male having dried all of his and his sister's clothes by spreading them out next to the fire. He was even able to dry their boots as well, which Ashley was very thankful for as she slipped on a pair of socks and her boots.

After eating only small portions to save their food they packed up all of their supplies and stepped out of the cave, Ashley having her bow in her left hand and her quiver of arrows strapped to her back while Jeremy carried the two backpacks. Even though they planned on coming back to the cave they still wanted to pack all of their supplies encase something went wrong and they couldn't return back to their shelter.

"The fire." Ashley pointed out, bringing Jeremy to turn back around and stomp on it a few times to kill the flames. Jeremy returned to his sister's side, the two beginning to make their journey towards the stream Jeremy had found. What the two Tributes didn't know however was that they weren't alone, the two now being stalked.

"I can't believe we found them already." Coral whispered in amusement as her and Matt hid behind a berry bush, the two having been following Ashley's and Jeremy's footprints in the snow for most of the night and only stopped to rest once every couple of hours.

"I know." Matt whispered back with a smirk, the two seeing Jeremy and Ashley leave the cave from about fifteen feet away.

"Should we attack?" Coral asked, though Matt shook his head.

"Not yet. Let's follow them and see if they lead us to anywhere useful." Matt responded as Coral nodded in agreement.

Ashley and Jeremy walked for a little while until they reached the spot where Jeremy had found a couple of hours ago, bringing the male Tribute to place down both backpacks in the snow and look for the water containers to fill them with the clean water while Ashley walked towards the stream's edge, taking note of the constant ten inch fish that swam along the slow current. What Ashley and Jeremy didn't know however was that this was the same stream Caroline and the others were at, and that they were only about a little more than a mile apart.

"This is perfect." Ashley commented as she took out an arrow from the quiver and positioned it on the string of the bow, the brunette taking aim at a fish and released the arrow as Jeremy walked up beside her with the water containers.

"I know." Jeremy agreed as he knelt down and filled the containers. Ashley stretched her arm out as much as she could and retrieved the arrow embedded into the fish, the brunette removing the fish from the arrow and placed the limped body on a large rock next to her.

"How many fish should I shoot?" Ashley asked, reusing the same arrow and caught another fish.

"I would say four for now, since fish will only be good for about a day. We can keep coming back here for food and water." Jeremy responded as Ashley nodded in agreement, taking off the second fish from the arrow and placed it with the other fish.

After catching two more large fish the two decided to start heading back towards the cave, though when they turned around Ashley was suddenly struck in the forehead with a rock the size of a fist. She fell to the ground in a daze as her head began to slightly bleed, her bow dropping in the seven inch snow and being buried.

"Ashley!" Jeremy gasped in shock before being tackled to the ground, his body falling hard against the cold snow with Matt on top of him while Coral ran towards Ashley with the pocket knife from her backpack in her right hand and had the very throwing knife Ashley threw at her in her left. Right as Coral was about to quickly lean down and embed the throwing knife into Ashley she kicked up both of her legs which made contact with Coral's stomach, sending the other female Tribute to fly over Ashley and land in the snow. The two girls quickly got up and charged at each other, Ashley not having time to search for her bow.

Jeremy and Matt struggled in the snow for a few moments to dominate one another until Matt punched Jeremy hard in the face and began to strangle him, Jeremy gasping for air as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the single throwing knife he had. He went to stab it into Matt's ribcage but the other Tribute saw it coming, forcing Matt to release Jeremy as he quickly jumped to the side. Both males stood to their feet as Matt took out his sword which hung from his belt, Jeremy silently cursing at himself since he only had one throwing knife as a weapon.

Ashley's and Coral's bodied collided as both females crashed into the very rock where the fish had been, a crack being heard from Coral's backpack as she tried to stab Ashley in the face with the pocket knife. Ashley flung her head back, the blade cutting open the bottom of Ashley's chin. Ashley took the very arm Coral had tried to use to stab Ashley and broke the other Tribute's wrist by slamming it into the sharp corner of the rock, bringing Coral to scream out in pain as she dropped both the pocket and throwing knife. Ashley quickly picked up the throwing knife and slashed it across Coral's throat without hesitation, feeling the end of the blade grind against the bone as Coral instantly dropped to her knees. A waterfall of warm blood flowed from the open wound and spilled onto the snow, staining the frozen white water to red.

"Coral!" Matt yelled in shock when seeing what had happened, rage consuming him as he swung his sword at Jeremy's neck. He quickly ducked and kicked Matt in the stomach, sending the Tribute flying a few feet and crashed into the snow while Jeremy raced towards his sister's side. When he got there Coral's skin had paled and gone cold, her dead body falling into the snow as her eyes remained open.

"I really hope Aria didn't see me do that..." Ashley said with guilt in her eyes, though before Jeremy could even respond Ashley saw Matt charging at Jeremy who had his back to him. "No!" Ashley yelled, pushing Jeremy to the side as hard as she could as Matt's sword stabbed clean through the side of Ashley's ribs. The brunette let out a long, horrible scream from the top of her lungs, which Caroline was able to hear from the mile away.

"You're dead." Matt growled as he pulled out the bloodied sword from the side of Ashley's body. When Ashley had pushed Jeremy he had fallen right on top of the bow, the male quickly picking it up and searched for an arrow. He found one from when Ashley had fallen from the rock hitting her head and quickly grabbed it, putting the arrow on the string and took aim. Jeremy never picked up the skills for archery however so when he aimed the arrow at the back of Matt's head and released it the arrow had hit the top of Matt's arm, bringing Matt to growl in pain as he took his sword and ran into the nearby woods. Ashley fell to her knees, the brunette clenching her heavily bleeding wound as Jeremy raced to his sister's side.

"Let me see." Jeremy spoke in a shaky voice as fear dawned over him, that fear only worsening when Ashley took her hand away from the wound. On the right side of Ashley's ribs there was a large, deep gash which a rib could clearly be visible. Jeremy's hands shook at the sight as he dug through one of the bags, desperately trying to find the sewing kit. "I'm going to sew that up and then carry you back to the cave."

"I'm a lost cause, Jeremy. Just leave and make sure to win these Games for Aria." Ashley responded weakly as she began to lose a lot of blood.

"Don't talk like that." Jeremy growled as he pulled out the sewing kit. "I'm not going to let you die."

"Take me back to the cave right now so we aren't in the open then." Ashley said as Jeremy nodded, placing the sewing kit back into the backpack and slung both of them over his shoulder. He then handed his sister the bow and Coral's backpack and cradled Ashley into his arms, the Tribute beginning to walk away. "Wait... the fish."

"Seriously..." Jeremy sighed, the male leaning down so Ashley could grab the fish she had caught. He then made his way back towards the cave, the sound of the cannon filling the entire arena for Coral's death.

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four

"A lot of people died just today..." Kiseki commented softly, bringing Caroline to look down from his words.

"We should probably figure out our sleeping arrangements." Ichiru spoke after a few moments. "Since we're in an open area, we'll have to sleep in shifts so someone will be awake at all times to keep watch."

"I'll take the first shift when everyone is ready to sleep." Caroline offered. "I don't think Amelia should do any shifts though, because she's going to need all of her sleep for her wound to heal quicker." Caroline looked over to Amelia and offered her a smile, the blonde then standing up and taking the fish bones with her. She threw it into the stream and watched them float away, not wanting to risk unwanted animals from the wilderness to smell the fish and come searching for the source.

The next morning came as Caroline slowly opened her eyes, finding herself in Kiseki's sleeping bag as her head rested on his chest. Caroline smiled, grateful that with their combined body heat that she was able to keep warm. She did her best to slip out of the sleeping bag while trying not to wake him and stood to her feet, Caroline walking over towards the stream and knelt down by the edge to splash clean water over her face. After cupping water into her hands and drinking it a horrible scream suddenly echoed through the wilderness, bringing Caroline to quickly stand to her feet.

"Ashley..." Caroline said to herself in alarm, Ashley's scream becoming low as it reached their camp-sight but Caroline was able to instantly recognize it. Caroline stood there for a few moments as she was paralyzed by fear for her best friend, but when the sound of the cannon suddenly tore through the arena Caroline's eyes widened. "Ashley!" Caroline screamed in fear as she began to sprint in the direction of where she picked up on Ashley's scream, the blonde thinking the sound of the cannon symbolized Ashley's death since The Fallen wouldn't be revealed until later that night.

Caroline took out both of her daggers and was about to run into the woods towards the direction of Ashley's scream until a large pack of wolves suddenly began to walk towards Caroline, the pack circling the blonde as if they were trying to prevent her from reaching Ashley.

"Get out of the way." Caroline growled as she gripped her daggers tighter, the snarling pack beginning to close in around Caroline.
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