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Maria stands there thinking.
"What exactly happened to it? I might have something that can help!"

She takes out a little medical kit as you bring out the injured Gallade. She applies a spray that seems to wake it back up. She than wipes down the area it was bit with some kind of temporary antidote. She smiles as she sees the big guy
"I would say he still needs to get to a pokemon center soon, also avoiding battles might help."
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I was happy to see Gwaine wake up.

"I would say he still needs to get to a Pokemon Center soon, also avoiding battles might help." She said smiling at Gwaine who was now attempting to stand.

"If I am not delayed, I should be at Zenith town within 3 days. There is a Pokemon Center there" I said, "Okay so what should I know about these eggs? Are there any places in particular you want me to look?" I asked as I had a look in some of the bushes...

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