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In Box

I watch as the ball pops open. The pokemon seems in favor of joining us but its not just going to go easy. After thinking for a second. I bend down.
"You are a brave guy , would you prefer a battle ?"

He stood their for a moment and then nodded. I looked back at the team hoping someone would stand out. After scanning over the group I stopped on Spinda.
"Dizzy would you be up for a battle with our new friend ??"

Pidgeotto just moved around a little with a big smile
"Spin, Spinda." with a confident head shake we were ready to go.

I took a couple of steps back, Ash and the others followed suite getting clear of the little muddy field we had created. Pachirisu was fast even in the mud it made the first move knocking Dizzy back with a bolt of electricity. Dizzys movements made it hard for me to read if he was hurt or still doing strong. It danced around trying to get close enough for the strike but found that it was no match for the speed.

"Pach ri ri " The little pokemon seemed to want to keep battling. It again let out a shock that knocked Spinda back. After the second shot, Spinda seemed a little more focused. Rushing back it used its speed to jump at the little Pachirisu. When it missed and slide in the dirt I was tempted to rush in but I paused remembering that Mud would slow down the effects and possibly even the little squirrel.

I moved to the edge letting out one command
"Roll in the dirt! and get Pachirisu with the mud ! "
Dizzy nodded falling into the mud. It soon began to dance around. Its movements were a little confusing. As it moved back and forth clumps of mud sprayed out all over the place. Pachirisu tried for another electric but found that the mud had some how protected Spinda. Even worse the mud had slowed it down.

"Okay now lets move in."
Watching the goofy pokemon dance its way it was a sight that is hard to describe. It seemed to be more balanced in this chaos than at any other time. With a hard swing the spinda knocked the little guy into the mud.

I reached into my bag. I no pokeballs that would fit this situation. So I had to just use one. Timer Ball Go !

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