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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Sy watched Embyr shakily stand up and instantly felt sorry for her. She looked like just an empty shell. Obviously she had suffered through alot, just like he did, and the other pokemon here. Sy made a silent resolve to keep an eye out for this Charmeleon. She defiantly needed someone to look out for her right now.

The young Riolu then watched Gladwing give out those berries. Sy already had some of those berries and the other pokemon were hungry too, so he decided not go and collect one. Sy then saw that Brokenstar was talking with The Hope for Dawn.

Curious name Sy thought to himself, he didn't dare say this out loud.

He noticed that the elderly Absol seemed deep in thought for a moment then she spoke.

Sy was quite awestruck by her words, he was impressed yet again by how wise she really was. Knowing that the group will be on the move at any moment now he turned back to Embyr.

"It's almost time to leave." he told her again gently. "Are you hungry? Gladwing has berries, I can get you one."
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