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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Just fought a crazy ufo flying pokemon thief !
In party:


In Box

I stand there watching this desperate man make one last move..Watching him fall to the ground unconscious felt like a sense of justice. I looked down at the little static ball and smiled.
"Lets go Pachirisu." I bent down lifting him up. As we made our way out we feel the machine touch down on the ground. The swift jolt from the touch down caused me to stumble as I was leaving the ship. Looking at the field around the ufo machine was pretty amazing. Pachirisus seemed to pour out of the ship. I jumped into the mud and laughed as the team ran over to greet me.
I got down in the mud.
"Great job guys! Mud you were amazing! Ash, Tron great job freeing them. Bug, Areo you really helped out Dizzy!"
I then turned to the little Pachirisu.
"Would you like to come with us ?"
The Pahirisu nodded its head. I pulled out a Great Ball hoping that it would be enough. I toss the Great Ball out.
The ball rolls once...

Whoops! Pachirisu suddenly breaks out, looking surprised. It grins at you apologetically, scratching its head. Maybe it was just a little jittery--I mean, getting sucked into a capsule could be a little intimidating for wild Pokemon.

Pachi still looks like he wants to join your team, however, so perhaps you should try again.

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