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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
well you should consider joining the wfl with Lu1z and I. We are going to try to battle everyday !
If I can scrape a trained team together.

Breeding of Larvesta has resumed full force - I'm currently pumping out a lot of 3 perfect IV ones, neutral nature. Modest is being a pain to come by |D Aron will resume again too, no doubt, although Black makes it difficult because of the fact Adamant likes to hatch with Sturdy for some reason. Seriously. It hates me. I might experiment and have 3 Larvesta (since they're current) with the same IVs in three areas, give daddy a certain item for like, Speed, then give mommy an Everstone to hopefully pass Modest down.

They inherit 3 IVs from the parents, so it should theoretically pan out.

Shame it took them until B/W 2 to realize "Hey we promised in R/S's handbook that babies would inherit the ability of the mother but we didn't do that". Oh and making the Everstone 100% pass down natures. *Le sigh*

Now to breed a female Modest Larvesta with some perfect IVs. The two I've managed are males X_x

(And yes, I've confirmed that my Black can connect at home now. I transferred the Lite's data over to my 3DS so I didn't have to switch anything around and such, then waited for the game to fix itself in with the 3DS' time. I can say my Lite is officially retired now, unless I feel the need to play a GBA game for old times' sake.)
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