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Default Re: Route 13

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Route 13

Not what I was looking for specifically, but it'll do!

"A Miltank, eh?" I smiled. I've heard stories about a girl named Whitney. They didn't sound pleasant. I intended to reawaken these memories. >:D

"Volcano, it's your turn!" I point him in Miltank's direction. "Inferno!"

Typhlosion charges up. He blasts a fiery column at Miltank, who was too slow to evade. She is engulfed by the flames, sustaining a burn and halving her attack.

"Miltank...!" She begins to roll at Volcano. She was using Roll Out! Typhlosion was rolled over, but it did little damage. I had to stop her before it became powerful.

"Flamethrower!" I called.

Flames again engulfed the cow. She toughed it out. Her ability could be Thick Fat, or just natural high defenses. The tank rolled again, Typhlosion showing more damage.

"Now use Inferno again!" I screamed.

He acted quick, knowing the next roll was coming. It was going to hit hard if he didn't stop it. The flame stopped Miltank mid-roll. She couldn't handle the heat any longer. She toppled over.

"Now's my chance!" I smirked. I tossed a Great Ball.
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