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Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
Just gonna throw a new one out there...

Single Battle, 2/3 Pokemon each *Challenger chooses*
DQ: 3 Days
Damage Cap: N/A
Restrictions: No OHKOs, 3 Chills per Pokemon
Arena: Pokemon Stadium Ver. 2
Pokemon Stadium Version 2 is an upgrade to the original Stadium. Instead of the plain, old battlefield, the stage will transform every round. Every round, the ref will roll 0-5 to determine which field it will transform to:

0: Normal
1: Fire
2: Water
3: Wind
4: Ground
5: Ice

Normal - Just a regular battlefield.

Fire - An abandoned shed that's on fire. Fire-type moves are boosted by 10%, giving a 5% more chance of burn. During the battle, there is a 40% chance one or both of the Pokemon will get burned. (Exclusions: Water-types and Pokemon with Water Veil)

Water - A tranquil lake surrounded by grass. Water-type moves are boosted by 10%.

Wind - A metal arena that has windmills blowing. Flying type moves are boosted by 10%. Pokemon can also be blown back by the wind, hitting an object is rolled again, 1-3, determining the damage:

1 - A small garbage can. -2% HP.
2 - A glass wall. -5% HP. (10% chance Pokemon will get glass shards stuck on them. Gives a 2% DOT for 3 rounds. Doesn't affect Rock- or Steel-type Pokemon.)
3 - A brick wall. -10% HP

If a Pokemon is...

<150 lbs.: 40% chance being pushed back.
>150 lbs.: 30% chance being pushed back.
500 lbs. or more: No effect.

Ground - An underground tunnel that gives Ground-type moves a 10% boost. If a Pokemon is...

<150 lbs.: No effect.
>150 lbs.: 30% chance of falling into a hole. (Gives PRZ effect for 3 rounds)
500 lbs. or more: 40% chance of falling into a hole. (^)

Ice - A slippery battlefield giving Ice-type moves a 10% boost. There is a 30% a Pokemon will unintentionally break the ice and fall into it. If a Pokemon is a Fire-type, it raises to 40% and the Pokemon takes 5% HP damage.

The ref will post which battlefield it becomes in his/her notes. It starts with normal.

Ref Style: Open

Challenger makes thread and sends out first Pokemon~
I"ll accept!