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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Gwaine the Gallade (Unconcious), Slink the Rattata, Bitey the Poochyena
Currently: Staying focused.

I saw someone ahead of me. But I didn't stop. Slink and Bitey hadn't left their pokeballs on this route, and unless it were necessary, they were staying there. I must get to Zenith town...
Official's Post

Your journey to Zenith Town is proving to be much hard than you had expected. You had been walking day long. Determined or not you got tired and had to finally slow down. So when you got the point of almost falling over asleep you finally decided to give yourself a break and try to get some smell.


Oh no, your sleep before you could even get one eye closed !

A wild HootHoot appeared !

Write a paragraph about catching it or scaring it off!

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