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Default Re: The Chosen [RP]

Temple of the Chosen

"Do any of you know where we are?" came an unfamiliar girls voice. I turned around, and saw a dark haired girl with green eyes, wearing numerous coats. She must be from somewhere cold. In her arms was a blue four legged creature, with orange cheeks, wrapped in a coat.

"We are in the Amazon somewhere, but how we got here, I don't know. I am Cobalt." I said. I had another look around, and noticed all 9 symbols were glowing. 8 of them white, 1 dark red. I also noticed something else. A table in a corner with loads of paper. I found one with a large label.

'To The Chosen'

I read through it. It was a letter.

"Hey guys, you may want to hear this." I said reading out the letter. When I finished reading it, I began thinking. If these Shadow Creatures are after him, and he is here, he is in danger.

"I know I sound crazy, but I think we should split up and find this guy. He may be able to answer some questions for us, like how we got here and how we get home."

"Us two," I said pointing to me and the guy who told us we were in the Amazon, "will search the north door. Pushup guys will search the west door. You two, (Points to Tengu and Fenn) will search the east door, and you girls (points to Chelsea and Kenzey) will search the South. Sound good? If you find nothing, come back."

I walked over to the north doorway with Flare, and began my search...

(OOC it has to sound good if we want to move on.)
(OOC Allowing Minor Bunnying for Dragotech)

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