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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Magikarp(Rick), Rattata(Cage), Meowth(Greed), Hoppip(Breeze)
Currently: Sleeping

''Huh, what's that?'' I look around the route but I don't see anything moving. ''Must have been the wind. Let's set up a camp here, the town must be close but it's a bit dangerous to walk at night, especially after being attacked by Ariados.''

I stop and put Rick inside his Pokeball and then I prepared to sleep in the grass near some rocks.
Official's Post

You laid down in the grass. Closing your eyes for only a moment. When you opened next it was morning. You let out a yawn and thought about your plans for the new day. As your stomach growled you knew it was time to get back to the search. You get up and go looking for food. Your pokemon follow behind yawning.

Nothing Happens

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