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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Official's Post

Cobalt was wishing for a wild Pokemon to appear. A new partner... He heard a Pokemon's cry in the distance. He ran in the direction of the cry. WHO'S THAT POKEMON?


A wild Poochyena! Write a paragraph about the battle!
I saw a little black canine creature. The one who made the noise. A Poochyena!

"I am not missing this chance!"
I thought to myself, as I grabbed Gwaines pokeball and threw it in the air. It hit the ground, and burst open, then jumped back to my hand. Gwaine stood in front of me.

"Gwaine! Psychic!" I said. Gwaines eyes glowed blue, and everything in front of him was blown back. Except the Poochyena. It was as if the blast didn't affect it.

"Gwaine, it is dark type, psychic moves wont affect it!" I yelled, realising my mistake.

The poochyena sprinted and lunged towards Gwaine. It bit him and refused to let go. Gwaine was being injured by it.

"Gwaine! Magical leaf!" I yelled out. Leaves from the bushes suddenly began to glow, and ripped off the bushes and flew towards Poochyena. At the sight of the leaves, it let go of Gwaine, who had a bleeding leg from the bite, and ran, but was no match for the leaves. They hit it, and it collapsed.

Poochyena stood up, and began running at Gwaine again.
"Gwaine! Pick it up!" I yelled. Why didn't I think of this? Gwaine is triple the height of Poochyena.

The Poochyena ran towards Gallade. Before it could do anything, Gwaine scooped it up with his long arms, and held it in front of him. It savagely attempted to maul Gwaines arms but couldn't reach. It was immobilised, and weakened from magical leaf, so I threw a pokeball. I prayed as the ball hit the ground that I would finally catch another pokemon...

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