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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Magikarp(Rick), Rattata(Cage), Meowth(Greed), Hoppip(Breeze)
Currently: Climbing a tree

Yeah, Hoppip was caught. But now the ball was on the ground so I had no choice but to climb down and take it. After grabbing Hoppip's ball I started climbing the tree for the second time, now I just needed to reach the top and find the main road from there.

Some time passed and I could see my Pokemon at the top, I started to climb after. I was just some minutes away from the top.

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As you climbed up you started to get a much better view of everything around you. At this point you could tell you didnt have much sun light left but at least you knew how to get back to the main road.

As you climb down you let out a little yawn. How much time had passed anyways ? Do you continue heading towards the road or find a place to settle in..or do you go back for those berries ?

Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Party: Razor(bulbasaur, Spike(Rattata, Gaia(Sunkern)
Location: Route 2
Return gaia you did a good job *recalls gaia* "Your a tough little one. Now go Razor" *throws razor into battle* Now use Tackle head to head *Razor uses a full speed tackle nailing buneary in the forehead leaving buneary dizzy* Tackle again Razor *Razor charges again into buneary not as fast as before as buneary tumbles off her feet and slowly recovers and jumps up and uses tackle as razor dodges nimbly* "Tackle once more" *Razor hits another tackle* Now Pokeball GO! *I throw my last pokeball*

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You attempt to catch it a second time. You send out Razor to take on the little Buneary.

The ball shakes and shakes before stopping..You caught it !

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