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Default Re: Route 13

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Route 13


"Hey it's a little deer! We have those where I come from in Johto! Deerling, isn't it?" I gaze into it's little eyes and reminisce about my home.

"...We battlin' or...?" She sighed at me.

"Oh right!" I was dazed. "Bronte, let's go!" I throw the Zebra's ball as hard as I can.

"Blitzl-...." He stopped and gazed at Deerling.

The Deerling charged with Jump Kick.

"Blitzle, dodge it!" I cried.

Blitzle didn't move. "Blit..." Was he!

He moved at the last second and Deerling crashed. "BRONTE. SNAP OUT OF IT! IF WE DON'T CATCH HER WE'LL NEVER GET TO SEE HER AGAIN!!" I scream at him. "Now Flame Charge!"

Bronte stomped on the ground and created a dust cloud, dashing out of it and hitting Deerling head-on.

It was down, but not out. "Now, Wild Charge and finish this!"

"Blit...Zle!" He charged at amazing speed and hit the Deerling, taking it down.

"Love Ball, go!" I tossed the ball at the fainted Deerling.

(Blitzle and Deerling are in the same egg group, so +3)
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