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Default Re: sammy0295 | Mountain | Vaporeon



[Vapor] Vaporeon
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 12
Energy: 15
-1 DEF. -1 ACC. Aqua Ring.

[-] Archen
Ability: Defeatist
Health: 98
Energy: 74

The archen wasted no time in attacking, rushing forward as fast as he could and clamping down onto Vapor with a toothy maw. Vapor felt the fang's sting, knowing if she only had a bit more stamina, it wouldn't of stung as much as it did.

[Crunch; Archen: -18 Energy | Vapor: -9 Health]

Vapor was struggling, but had her order to relax, and take a break. The aquatic fox was unsure of this, knowing he needed to recover something, but was this really the right way of doing so? Nevertheless she sat, and breathed a heavy breath in and out.

[Chill; Vapor: +6 Energy]

The revived fossil Pokemon took the opportunity to act, knowing his opponent was weak. He was ready to cause as much damage as he couldn, knowing well he expended far too much effort the last time. Nimbly doing flips and twists in the air, he struck Vapor's side with a hard set of talons.

[Acrobatics; Archen: 6 Energy | Vapor: -8 Health]

Vapor fell on her side, finding gravity far harder to overcome than it usually was. Her tail even tried to lend a helping hand in getting her on her paws. Seconds turned into half a minute, and Vapor was unable to stand. She couldn't take another hit and she knew it.

Vapor was picked up and returned to her Pokeball as the Ranger returns you to the jeep, making the Archen flee by yelling jibberish at it while throwing his arms up in the air.

Thank you for visiting the Safari Zone.
Vapor has been healed and is ready to return home with you.
Your pokemon you have been caught are all here.
Please come again soon.

Ability: Steadfast

Ability: Levitate

Ability: Sturdy