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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Speculations


omg I'm dying. CONTRARY. xD

Everyone is cocky about the second typing. They might not even HAVE one. xD some Fire types can use Earthquake, that doesn't make them part Ground though.

Snivy's movepool does suck, case closed. xD

It's bumming me out you're already classifying them as useless. I'm not worried about the metagame right now. D<

To set things straight, however, Chandelure is already OU. If it had Contrary it'd be uber.

Legendaries breedable? X3 I'm glad they're changing things up here, but it would defeat the point.

I wouldn't start popping your tops if you don't even know the second type (or if there is one). Gen II starters were the best imo, and they didn't have any secondary types. Who's to say these guys will?

For the record, Fire/Normal would be PWN. Normal types are cuties, and Fennekin is the cutest thing I've ever seen. xD
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