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Default Pokemon Soul silver Randomizer Nuzlocke

So, after seeing Kaoru's Randomizer nuzlocke I thought that I would do a nuzlocke challenge while I wait for the new games which we know barely anything about.

Okay, for the people that do not know what a nuzlock is;
  • The Nuzlocke Challenge is a set of rules intended to create a higher level of difficulty while playing the Pokémon games.
  • Many challengers feel that the rules also serve the purpose of encouraging the use of Pokémon the player would not normally choose, and promoting closer bonds with the player's Pokémon.
  • The rules are not an in-game function, but are self-imposed on the part of the player, and thus subject to variation.

The name of the challenge originates from the comic series of the same name, which features a Nuzleaf resembling John Locke as a recurring gag character. - source, bulbapedia

And the rules are;
  • Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.
  • The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else.
  • If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. (If the first encounter in the area is a double battle in dark grass, the player can choose which of the two Pokémon they would like to catch.)
  • While not exactly a definite rule, the general consensus is that players must also nickname all of their Pokémon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.
- source, bulbapedia

Okay for those of you that dont know what pokemon soul silver randomizer is basically its just pokemon soul silver, but with a twist. All the pokemon I encounter in the wild discluding my starters are random. To make this even more interesting I decided to make it a Nuzlocke challenge. I will be recording everything.


Episode 1 :
Episode 2 :
Episode 3 :
Episode 4 :
Episode 5 :
Episode 6 :
Episode 7 :
Episode 8 :
Episode 9 :
Episode 10 :

Currently :


Pokemon :

: Char

: Cathy

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