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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

OK, first off, the header system is still one of the best tools for any RP whatsoever, and despite this being technically a Trivia Game, it has enough RP elements to qualify. I particuarily like that I cannot lose count of my points, like, ever again. As long as I wasn't incorrect before I starte counting. Sorry about this...Twice.

My post total and points spent were fairly accurate when I looked at my Trainer card, but my point total (which, as I have yet to gain points in any other way but posting aside from the Prolouge) was...Off. Badly off. Lower than the post count initially (I've since corrected it). I checked everything, and as it turns out, again, the new totals for Gold/Silver would put me at 42 instead of 23...It definately is my folly, again. Am I keeping the points I should have now or do I have to keep at 23?
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