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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
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Brilliant battle plan! The Pachirisu’s oppressor doesn’t even know what hit him.

“My machine!” the careless operator wails as he sees his UFO under attack. Slamming his fists on the dashboard, he scowls, “Confounded Pokémon! At this rate, I’ll never be able to collect enough energy for the…”

He trails off as he turns and sees you standing there with the Pachirisu brave. As soon as you grunt all savvy-like, “Light ‘em up”, the operator squeals like a frightened girl. He tries to scramble away, but Pachi’s electricity does, indeed, light ‘em up. Not only does the man receive a nasty shock, but the controls also get a dose of pent-up revenge. With fuses being blown and wires fried by Pachi’s electricity, the UFO malfunctions and drifts back down to the earth.

The front windows are obscured by Bug’s handiwork, but out of a small side window you can see the hordes of Pachirisu fleeing safely back towards Eternity Forest.

“Pachi, Pachi!” your particular Pachi friend cries in victory. His tail stiffens, however, as the UFO’s proud owner gets back up on his feet.

“You!” he wheezes, pointing a finger at you. “You… you… You ruined my hovercraft! Y-you’ll… y-you’ll pay for this!”

But instead of exacting his revenge, the guy fell back over, unconscious. Wow. Pachi must have done a real number on him. That, or this guy is just pathetic. Either or, I guess.

At any rate, Pachirisu turns to you with gratitude in its eyes. He stands as tall as his little form can allow and looks up at you admiringly.

The wild Pachirisu wants to join your team!

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I stand there watching this desperate man make one last move..Watching him fall to the ground unconscious felt like a sense of justice. I looked down at the little static ball and smiled.
"Lets go Pachirisu." I bent down lifting him up. As we made our way out we feel the machine touch down on the ground. The swift jolt from the touch down caused me to stumble as I was leaving the ship. Looking at the field around the ufo machine was pretty amazing. Pachirisus seemed to pour out of the ship. I jumped into the mud and laughed as the team ran over to greet me.
I got down in the mud.
"Great job guys! Mud you were amazing! Ash, Tron great job freeing them. Bug, Areo you really helped out Dizzy!"
I then turned to the little Pachirisu.
"Would you like to come with us ?"
The Pahirisu nodded its head. I pulled out a Great Ball hoping that it would be enough. I toss the Great Ball out.

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