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Michael Knight from District Two/ Ichiru Kagami from District Three/ Kiseki Kagami from District Four

After Caroline had successfully sewed up Amelia's wound and even found some antibiotics in one of her bags, she walked over to Kiseki and pressed her body into his.

"I didn't realize how cold I actually was." He felt her begin to shiver just before she spoke, and realized the same was for him as well. He wrapped his arms around the blonde as she snuggled into his chest, grateful for the warmth she provided. He glanced at the others; Ichiru was sitting with one arm propped on his knee, his throwing knives still held between his fingers. It was obvious he was still defensive and alert, which he had every right to be. Kiseki knew that he had to be cold, but was refusing to let it be shown on his face. Michael, however, was obviously cold despite not saying anything. He was still sitting near Amelia, most likely out of concern for her own body heat after all of the blood loss.

"We should all go through our backpacks and see what we have, and then divide everything equally. After that we'll rest for a few more minutes but then we should really start moving away from here. We need to find fresh water, which will have fish too for food. We can't stay in one spot because then we'll end up only freezing to death, since our blood will be pumping through us if we keep on moving which will keep our bodies warm." After a few moments of silence, Caroline spoke to the group. Michael and the twins gave a nod of agreement in response.

"I already know from searching through mine earlier that there's a sleeping bag, some crackers and dried fruit, and a box of matches." Ichiru finally spoke again, bringing Kiseki and Michael to look at him.

"All of that will come in handy... looks like you got a lucky one." Kiseki said with a chuckle. "Hopefully that's the case with ours, too."

A few hours later, the sound of the anthem filled the silent night air, and all three tributes looked up at the sky almost simultaneously as the faces of the fallen tributes from that day began to appear one after the other.

District Two- Girl
District Three- Girl
District Five- Boy
District Six- Boy
District Nine- Girl
District Ten- Girl
District Eleven- Girl, Boy

The three of them were relieved to see that Ashley and Jeremy weren't included, although it was painful for Ichiru and Michael to see that their partners had died. Ichiru couldn't help but feel a little guilty when he saw that the boy tribute from Six had died, knowing he had been the one to kill him. But he had done it to protect his friends, and it was obvious that such a mindset would only get him killed in the arena.

"A lot of people died just today..." Kiseki commented softly as everything fell silent again. Neither twin, nor Michael spoke for the next several moments until Ichiru thought of something.

"We should probably figure out our sleeping arrangements." Michael and Kiseki looked at him as he spoke. "Since we're in an open area, we'll have to sleep in shifts so someone will be awake at all times to keep watch."

Caitlyn Walker from District Seven

"You're most likely right. The snow could be a trap that could kill us if we consume it... though for all we know, it could actually be safe... however, it would be better to not risk trying to find out, as if it was dangerous and we'd consumed it, it'd be too late." Keiru responded to Caitlyn's thoughts, and the brunette gave a nod to his words. After looking at their surroundings, Keiru spoke again. "We came from that way." He pointed behind her, then turned to look at her left flank. "I reckon we should head this way so we can effectively circle round from this side and head round to the opposite side of the Cornucopia from us. Let's go."

With another nod, Caitlyn followed after the other tribute silently. For a few moments, the only sound between them was the crunching of the snow beneath their feet as they walked, but shortly after they had begun walking, Keiru spoke again.

"You know, my sister was really all the family I've ever had... my parents never bothered with us, they focused on their company, leaving me to look after my sister as we grew up. They never bothered with us... even after that, yet as I'm about to be sent into this, my father suddenly turns up and wants to be a part of our life, honestly I don't understand it at all." He then looked at Caitlyn. "What was your family like back home?"

"Not much better." The brunette responded with a soft chuckle. "My mother died shortly after I was born, and my father has always blamed me for it. He treated me like an unwanted stranger all of my life. I bet if it had been possible, he would have never let the district know I even existed. But right before I was sent here, he visited and seemed to have completely changed. I don't know if he had a reality check because of the Games, or if he's just hoping I bring home the prize money..." She glanced around them for signs of any other tributes. "Either way, I don't understand it."
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