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Akmal's pokemon lets loose what they can against the Massive creature. The beast is just to big, a hundred pokemon would have a hard time doing to much damage it to. Akaml lets his pokemon battle while he continues up the stairs. When he reaches the door to the room. He swings it open to find the beautiful princess waiting for him.

"You have saved me my fair my prince !"

She runs over to you giving you a hug. You dont have much time celebrate as the Giratina got through your two pokemon. You grab on to her has the ground beings to shake. You rush over to the window and notice that you are very close to the edge of another part of the castle. You grab her hand and the both of you jump across the crumbling tower. The towers seems to finish off Giratina. You stand stunned hoping your pokemon are okay...You hand shakes a little as you came close to being eatin. You turn back to the princess and you notice she has transformed into Munna. The Munna smiles and floats around.
"Mun Mun"
She seems happy with the play time you two shared.

The world begins to fade and you and your pokemon wake up next to a tree.

A wild Munna has appeared, it seems like it wants to join you.

Write a paragraph about the capture or battle
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro(Vulpix), Vuelo(Pidgeotto), Rotta(Rattata), Sparks(Pichu)
Currently: Battling Munna

"Haha I see you're the princess.. You tricked me didn't you? Aren't you one happy Munna?" Akmal talked to Munna.

"Munna munn" Munna seem like it want to join Akmal team.

"Owh you want to join us? Ok but we'll need to battle first okay?"

"Go Pyro use Confuse Ray and Faint Attack"
"Vull pix vull" Pyro attack the Munna.

Munna confused due to Pyro's attack but attack back by using Hypnosis but it missed.
It continue its attack by using Zen Headbutt.
Pyro was hit but luckily it's not a critical hit.

"Don't falter Pyro use Flame Burst!!"
Flame Burst hit Munna and it's getting kinda weak.

"Now's my chance go Pokeball" Akmal throws 1 Pokeball and hit Munna.

Munna turn into a flash light and went inside the ball. Ball drops on the ground and wiggle a few times.

Akmal waits anxiously.
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