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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Officials Post

The dust coated the air creating a thick haze all around you. The Roggenrola jumped out of your hand. The ones in your bag followed suite. While attempting to back up while covering your eyes from the sand, you notice the group of Roggenrola heading back in to the storm. You grabbed Slink and began to look for Gwaine. As you felt around in the dust you found the injured Gwaine out cold. The poor thing was going to need medical attention at the pokemon center ! you called him back and started running away from the sandstorm. When you reached the edge of the of the tree line you noticed a massive explosion. In the distance you see a small green dot flying through the air. The Roggenrola had got their justice.

Although you are a little shaken up, you turn back towards the road. Its time get Gwaine healthy. You take a few steps but stop when you here
"Rog Rogg!"

Roggenrola wants to you join you ! but with one catch a battle. Write a paragraph about the battle
Suddenly a roggenrola came out to me. It followed me for a bit.
"Do you want to join me?" I asked it.

"Rog Rogg!" it replied, but seemed to take a battle stance. I smiled. I needed to prove myself worthy.

"Slink, your turn!" I yelled out throwing the pokeball into the air. It opened and white light appeared, becoming Slink on the ground.

"Rattata!" Slink cried. he had recovered well from the fight with Carnivine.

Roggenrola tucked its legs into its body and began rolling towards Slink. before either of us knew what was going on, it had knocked Slink back.

"Slink, use flamewheel!" I yelled. Slink began running towards the pokemon, enveloped in flames. he jumped and rolled towards it. The pokemon didn't move at all. The flames didn't hurt it.
"Crap it is sturdy." I whispered to myself as I tried to think of tactics.

"Slink, let it chase you, and get momentum. When I tell you stand in front of that tree!" I yelled. Slink nodded his head. For a few minutes he repeated the same pattern. Stand still, and dive out of the way when Roggenrola would roll towards him. After a few minutes, Roggenrola was rolling faster with momentum, and barely missing Slink.

"Get in front of the tree now!" i yelled. Slink did so. The roggenrola continued to roll, until it was less than a foot away from Slink.

"Dodge it!" I yelled at slink. He barely missed it. Roggenrola hit the tree with a thud, causing leaves to fall out. It stood up, and began walking towards slink as if it were drunk. It took a hard hit, but it was still up. After a few seconds it was walking normally again towards Slink. Then it hit me. How I beat it.

"Slink, it has no arms, if it is knocked onto its back, it won;t get up! Trip it!" I yelled.

Slink ran around the pokemon, and as he came around the back, coiled his tail around the Rogenrollas foot. Rogenrolla fell and wiggled around trying to get up. Now is my chance.

"Go Pokeball!" I yelled throwing my last pokeball...

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