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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp, Cage the Rattata, Greed the Meowth
Currently: Trying to escape from Ariados

''Looks like those two found something, let's go Rick.'' Cage and Greed ran in the same direction, seemed like they found a patch of fresh berries. I chased after them with Rick in my arms. After running a fair distance into the forest the both came to a stop, I put Rick in the ground behind them and saw a berry patch some steps away. And this is when things changed from good to bad, what I failed to notice was a big spiderweb in which I was now trapped. And from above came a hungry looking Ariados ready to gobble me up.

''I see now why you stopped...'' The Ariados was now in front of me and I started wriggling to get free but to no avail. ''Cage and Rick attack the Ariados while Greed cuts the web.'' Ariados noticed the attack and shoot a String Shot at Cage but Magikarp managed to land a hit on Ariados. Meanwhile, Greed cut in bits the web letting me free. ''Damn, he is stronger than us. We have no choice, everyone run.'' I grabbed Cage and Rick while Greed followed me behind, but the Ariados wasn't going to let us escape that easily. ''We need to distract it, otherwise it will keep hunting us down. Greed cut this web from Cage.'' The Meowth cut the webs again, this time freeing Greed from the cocoon like web.

''Greed use your Charm attack, Cage start using Focus energy and keep bashing into him.'' Rick served as a distraction while Greed lowered the attack of Ariados. But even with that, Ariados knocked Rick out with a Bug Bite. I returned him to the Pokeball, it was time to execute the second part of the escape plan. ''Cage use your Hyper Fang.'' The little Pokemon bit with full force the Ariados and managed to flinch him. ''Excellent, now use your Hypnosis Greed.'' Greed started doing strange moves near the Ariados who seemed fixated in the coin from Greed's head. And just like that the Ariados fell asleep.

''Phew, let's get out from the forest before something else decides we are dinner.'' We started running with Cage leading the way, leaving the Ariados before it woke up.

Officials Post

With powerful pokemon asleep you try to make your way to the main road but in all the confusion you must have got turend around!!!

You must add 6 hours to your Journey for fleeing a stronger pokemon.

Realizing that you are no long on the right you stop. You dont know where you are...maybe you should send a pokemon up to scout out where you in the trees. As you look up to the trees wondering if could be that easy you notice berries in the distance. You have a choice do you try to find the right path or head for food ?

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Gwaine the Gallade, Slink the Rattata
Currently: *content warning*
sh*tting myself

All seemed good. Now it's not. Carnivine is up again, and Gwaine is unconcious. Who do I help? Gwaine or the wild pokemon?

"Slink! It's your time to shine!" I yelled throwing the pokeball into the air. It opened and a white light escaped, materialising as a Rattata.

"Slink, Flame Wheel!" I yelled. (OOC Rattata learns Flame Wheel as an egg move)
Slink ran towards the Carnivine, suddenly he was engulfed in flames, and rolled towards the Carnivine. It took the hit and cringed. Suddenly it spat seeds at Slink which hit the ground and grew into weeds. These weeds covered slink and seemed to shock him.
"Slink! Flame wheel to escape, then Hyper Fang!"

Slink became engulfed in flames, which burnt away, then ran at the plant pokemon and used hyper fang. I ran to Gwaine, while Slink continued to fight.

"Gwaine! Wake up!" I shouted. He started to stir, but was still groggy. I turned around to check on Slink. Carnivine had its mouth open and was about to engulf Slink! I did the only thing I could.
"Go pokeball!" I yelled, throwing a pokeball (-1 pokeball)
The Carnivine was about to eat the little rodent pokemon, until it was absorbed into the pokeball.
"Slink come here!" I yelled as the rodent ran towards me, limping from the fight.
"Try and wake up Gwaine. I am going to help these pokemon!"

Gwaine was still coming around, moving slightly, but still asleep. Slink was biting it on the arm, and using weak moves to try and wake it up without hurting it too badly.
I ran past the shaking pokeball towards the tree where the rock pokemon were trapped. I climbed up the tree and untangled them from the vines.There were 5 in total. I managed to fit 3 in my back pack and one in each hand. I climbed out of the tree and ran towards the edge of the clearing, hoping to hide the Roggenrola in the bushes.

Boom! The Carnvine had escaped the pokeball. It turned towards me, in a fit of rage.
"Gwaine!" I yelled. Suddenly Gwaine's eyes flicked open. He pulled himself off the ground began running towards me. The Carnivine used Vinewhip and bound me with it. A the Carnivine pulled me and the Roggenrola towards it, Gwaine jumped over it, and as he landed, he slashed at the vines, freeing me. The Carnivine roared in rage. A small light appeared at its mouth. It slowly grew. Solar beam.
"Gwaine! Psychic!" I yelled.
Gwaine's eye glowed, as the beam of light flew towards us. The force of the solar beam hitting the Psychic blast caused all the dirt to fly up around us, creating a dust cloud. We were all thrown back by the force I could not see a thing, and could only hope that it was all over, and that Gwaine and the Roggenrola were alright...

(OOC if there are any issues with me using the pokeball, I will change it)
Officials Post

The dust coated the air creating a thick haze all around you. The Roggenrola jumped out of your hand. The ones in your bag followed suite. While attempting to back up while covering your eyes from the sand, you notice the group of Roggenrola heading back in to the storm. You grabbed Slink and began to look for Gwaine. As you felt around in the dust you found the injured Gwaine out cold. The poor thing was going to need medical attention at the pokemon center ! you called him back and started running away from the sandstorm. When you reached the edge of the of the tree line you noticed a massive explosion. In the distance you see a small green dot flying through the air. The Roggenrola had got their justice.

Although you are a little shaken up, you turn back towards the road. Its time get Gwaine healthy. You take a few steps but stop when you here
"Rog Rogg!"

Roggenrola wants to you join you ! but with one catch a battle. Write a paragraph about the battle

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