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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
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Cobalt mighty pokemon had taken down a Carnivine. As the pokemon being to celebrate they fail to notice the vines on the tree growing. Cobalt takes his eyes off Carnivine for a brief second and in that instance it is gone. You take a step back looking up. The sun is very bright today...could Carnivine have gotten back up.

The Roggenrola stop celebrating as the vine seems to come from every direction. The powerful psychic moves out of the way but cant stay out the path of a strong solar beam which knocks it to the ground out cold. The Carnivine craws out of the vines the worn out creature seems to pretty proud of itself. As the Roggenrola get pulled up in the tree you find yourself in a tough position. You either leave to get Gallade help or you help the Roggenrola ? You look at slinks ball trying to decide
Gwaine the Gallade, Slink the Rattata
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All seemed good. Now it's not. Carnivine is up again, and Gwaine is unconcious. Who do I help? Gwaine or the wild pokemon?

"Slink! It's your time to shine!" I yelled throwing the pokeball into the air. It opened and a white light escaped, materialising as a Rattata.

"Slink, Flame Wheel!" I yelled. (OOC Rattata learns Flame Wheel as an egg move)
Slink ran towards the Carnivine, suddenly he was engulfed in flames, and rolled towards the Carnivine. It took the hit and cringed. Suddenly it spat seeds at Slink which hit the ground and grew into weeds. These weeds covered slink and seemed to shock him.
"Slink! Flame wheel to escape, then Hyper Fang!"

Slink became engulfed in flames, which burnt away, then ran at the plant pokemon and used hyper fang. I ran to Gwaine, while Slink continued to fight.

"Gwaine! Wake up!" I shouted. He started to stir, but was still groggy. I turned around to check on Slink. Carnivine had its mouth open and was about to engulf Slink! I did the only thing I could.
"Go pokeball!" I yelled, throwing a pokeball (-1 pokeball)
The Carnivine was about to eat the little rodent pokemon, until it was absorbed into the pokeball.
"Slink come here!" I yelled as the rodent ran towards me, limping from the fight.
"Try and wake up Gwaine. I am going to help these pokemon!"

Gwaine was still coming around, moving slightly, but still asleep. Slink was biting it on the arm, and using weak moves to try and wake it up without hurting it too badly.
I ran past the shaking pokeball towards the tree where the rock pokemon were trapped. I climbed up the tree and untangled them from the vines.There were 5 in total. I managed to fit 3 in my back pack and one in each hand. I climbed out of the tree and ran towards the edge of the clearing, hoping to hide the Roggenrola in the bushes.

Boom! The Carnvine had escaped the pokeball. It turned towards me, in a fit of rage.
"Gwaine!" I yelled. Suddenly Gwaine's eyes flicked open. He pulled himself off the ground began running towards me. The Carnivine used Vinewhip and bound me with it. A the Carnivine pulled me and the Roggenrola towards it, Gwaine jumped over it, and as he landed, he slashed at the vines, freeing me. The Carnivine roared in rage. A small light appeared at its mouth. It slowly grew. Solar beam.
"Gwaine! Psychic!" I yelled.
Gwaine's eye glowed, as the beam of light flew towards us. The force of the solar beam hitting the Psychic blast caused all the dirt to fly up around us, creating a dust cloud. We were all thrown back by the force I could not see a thing, and could only hope that it was all over, and that Gwaine and the Roggenrola were alright...

(OOC if there are any issues with me using the pokeball, I will change it)

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