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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Speculations

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Grass isn't weak to Fighting silly XD I think you meant Flying.

And, well, Snivy DOES get the Dream World ability Perversity or whatnot, meaning stat drops become boosts instead. Leaf Storm just became a beast.

Interesting theory here. Since this could possibly be based on DNA, as it's looking to be, would that imply perhaps these Legendaries are breedable, and will Manaphy also play a role in it because of that fact? :3
Yeah but Snivy's movepool is horrible. As far as attacking moves go, it learns only Grass type moves which are resisted by heaps of types, TM Aerial Ace and Iron Tail if you can somehow breed it on (which you can't if you're using it as a starter). That's it. o_o At least it got Aqua Tail by Tutor in BW2, but it's still not very good for coverage. :(

It doesn't get any Special Attack moves of any type other than Grass, so its hidden ability (Contrary) paired with Leaf Storm doesn't really work for it...

No matter what type it is, I hope Chespin has a nice movepool!

I don't think legendaries would become breedable. There would be no point to events anymore if everyone could breed them.
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