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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Official's Post

As you approach you have to brace yourself on a tree. The little guys only stop after you shout at them.
The group stops for a moment and one walks forward.

"Gogg Gogg" the little rocks then looks up. Your focus changes to the tree. You notice a little Goggenrola struggling in vines high up in the tree. You try to get a closer look and you noitce another pokemon!

The Roggenrola has someone got itself stuck in a Carnivine trap ! Do you rescue it? if so write a paragraph about the rescue attempt
Gwaine the Gallade, Slink the Rattata
Currently: helping rock pokemon

"Gwaine look!" I said pointing to the little rock pokemon stuck in the tree. "We need to help it!"

Gwaine stood forward, and got into his fighting stance. He then extended his blades really quickly in a badass manner.

"Try and cut the vines!" I said. Gwaine ran forward and jumped towards the tree. He grabbed the branch under the two pokemon with his right hand, and sung himself onto it so he could stand. He then slashed at the carnivines vines. He cut through it like butter. The little rock pokemon began to fall. I ran towards it and caught it just before it hit the ground. It was alot heavier than I thought it would be.

The carnivines vines suddenly regrew, and grabbed Gwaine's arms.
"Gwaine! Psychic!" I yelled. Gwaine's eye began to glow, and everything around him was pushed back, as if there were an explosion. The Carnivines was pushed into the tree. It couldn't handle much more.
"Okay it's almost finished! Grab it, and throw it to the ground!"
The Carnivine extended its vines in an attempt to stop Gwaine. Gwaine grabbed the vines, then jumped off the branch, pulling the Carnivine with it. He threw the Carnivine at the ground, and it hit with a thud. The Carnivine was unconcious. The little rock pokemon seemed to be cheering.
"Good job Gwaine." I said as he landed at my side. This was his first battle fully evolved, and it was his best yet!

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