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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0

• Name: Joe
• Name Meaning: Almighty leader of the Rabbits, concierge of the drink
• Alias: Silithus/manualblinking
• Join date: 10/01/13
• DOB: 07/01/95
• Age: 18
• Birthplace: England
• Location: Australia
• Sex: Male
• Race: Human
• Ethnicity: White
• Status: In a relationship
• Orientation: Straight
• Occupation: Unemployed (woo! -.-)
• Grade: Completed High School last year
• Family: Mum and dad, happily married, two older sisters and a younger sister
• Pets: Two rabbits, Eamon and Biggie, that I personally own, and a dog named Ben who is the family's
• Height: Tall, but not too tall
• Weight: 57kg
• Shoe Size: 9
• Eye Color: Brown/green depending on the day
• Hair Color: Dark brown/black
• Piercings: Two ear piercings, right now only a 10mm and a 12mm stretcher, am going up to 22mm. Eyebrow piercing and also nose
• Tattoos: Four, roses on my shoulder and 'family' below them and then a cross and an inverted cross on my ankles
• Color: Purple, any shade
• Number: Seven
• Animal: Rabbit
• Pokιmon: Charizard
• Flower: Blue rose
• Food: McDonalds :(
• Candy: Anything sour
• Restaurant: Hogs Breath Cafe or Trackside
• Movie: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
• Movie Genre: Action/comedy
• Animated Series: Adventure Time
• Non-animated TV Series: How I Met Your Mother
• Anime: I'm not too sure
• Comedian: :|
• Actor/Actress: Anne Hathaway/Hugh Jackman
• Video Game: Right now, at this moment in time, Black Ops 2
• Console: PS3
• Singer: Kellin Quinn
• Band: Sleeping With Sirens
• Song: If It Means A Lot Too You by A Day Too Remember
• Favorite Music Genre: Alternative/hardcore
• Album: Not sure
• Character: Jack Skellington
• Quote: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
• Book: The Black Box by Michael Connelly
• Clothing Brand: I like things from Factorie or Cotton on
• Season: Winter >:)
• Day of the Week: Friday/Saturday
• Month: January
• Sport to play/watch: Soccer
• Languages spoken: English, a bit of Japanese
• Places traveled: Australia, England, Egypt, France, Tunisia
• Hobbies: I'm a very boring person
• Tags/Keywords: Silithus, World of Warcraft, Purple
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