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Officials Post

The night seems to fly by, you watch the stars sparkle before falling asleep. The next morning you are woken up as Cage runs over your stomach followed by Meowth. You had almost forgot that these two pokemon had enemies in that tunnel for awhile. Adjust wasnt going to be easy for them. The two were playing and that was a good sign.

You got up and prepared to search for some berries. In the bushes not to far from where you were you found.

You have received a FriendBall
Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp, Cage the Rattata, Greed the Meowth
Currently: Looking for some berries or Pokemon, whichiever I find first

Next morning I was abruptly awakened by Cage and Greed jumping on my stomach. It was going to be a bit difficult for them to adapt because it looked like the two weren't good friends before I arrived in the tunnel. Rick was just splashing nearby, seemed like he was doing some morning stretches.

''Hey, everyone come here for a minute.'' I was still a little drowzy and let out a big yawn as I got up. ''Alright, we are going to look for some berries to eat. There may be some hidden inside the bushes nearby.'' Looks that after I mentioned the word 'eat', Cage and Greed turned into best friends because they were the first ones that bolt out to search or maybe they were just competing. *sigh*

''Well Rick, that leave us both to search over that side.'' Rick splashed right into my arms and we went hunting for berries. But instead, I ended founding a Friend Ball that someone probably lost. ''Today is our lucky day. We are already finding some good stuff. Rick you look for Pokemon that may be around, let's try to get another Pokemon before exiting this route.''
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