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Aahhhh, that explains a good bit.
Your welcome by the way.
and yeah, I can imagine how strange moving to a different country can be, that must be an interesting experience.
Btw aside from rabbits, Pokemon, and tattoos, do you have any other interests. There is quite a bit more to do around here if you do.
Let me see... off the top of my head creative writing board if you like to write, art boards if you like to draw and stuff, Roleplaying if you like to roleplay, trivia and games has a lot of pleasant little games. We have some clubs that you could probably join, I dont know too much about 'em though. There is a discussions board if you want to discuss serious topics. There is also other chat for just general chatting and stuff.
And of course there are several boards dedicated to Pokemon.
Oh and ignore my many grammatical errors lolz

Edit: Oh hey look Moderators^ I didn't notice them a moment ago ^.^'
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