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Default Re: Yveltal what is it?

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
It's on Wikipedia. I looked at images, but I can't see it. It's seriously ONLY based on the letter Y, according to Bulbapedia.
this isn't offical art but it's made accurates from the 2 pictures of yveltal

and here is the vermilion bird

and ehre is the digimon Zhuqiaomon a digimon baised on the evrmillion bird

I must admit when i firt made the accustion of it being a vermilion bird we could onyl see it's underside so it lacks the chrimson shrew all over it's body, but zhuqaiomon also differs from the V bird in ways to such as multiple eyes wings, Yveltal has clearly flattened out wings and a tial but they are veyr large like the V birds are normally and like zhuqaiomon he has claws at the end of his wing's unlike a vermilion bird.

It seems to be they took the vermilion bird and amde into a why shape and gave it a more vulture like apperance as you see the clear charecteristic chrismson underbelly and the same leg layout as the V bird. Zhuqaiomon prooves the point that just because it's basised ont he v bird it can look very diffrent due to multiple features mentioned or his lack of the v birds leggs
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