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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Speculations

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Yeah except once the game is out, people will trawl through the code and know within a a day everything that is in there :( But it will be better than usual. xD

I don't want Chespin to be Dark/Grass because the types don't provide good coverage. =/ Grass Pokemon can already use Bug attacks which take care of Psychic. So the Dark only gives an advantage over Ghost and adds more weaknesses that Grass doesn't need.

Meanwhile, Grass Pokemon are still resisted by Fire, Grass, Fighting, Flying, Bug, Dragon and Steel.
While Dark is resisted by Fighting, Dark and Steel and doesn't cover any of Grass's resistances.

Grass is already a very difficult type to use effectively. Not being able to hit Fighting types, while being weak to Fighting types is a bad move for a Starter Pokemon, especially if Froakie is going to be Water/Fighting.

Grass/Fighting is a much better typing, but Grass/Psychic would be nicer. xD It's unfair that Fennekin seemingly gets two awesome types (Fire and Psychic) and the best design. Chespin and Froakie need to have draws as well!
if it ends up as a grass/fighting it will end up outclassed by breloom same with the fox being psychic and even electric by victini and rotom-h

The water type might be an offensive ground/water type, which is such a beatiful concept for a 6th gen metagame.
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