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Munna smiles floating around. The sleep pokemon seems to have brought you here for something. She seems to want something.
"Munna Munna"

You look around and now your friends are gone. The dream must be shifting to another place. As you stand there you notice that even you are changing. You look down at yourself and you have some how been transported into a nights armor! You step back confused and fall over. In the background you can see a castle...To make things worse there seems to be a lady calling for help at the top. You push yourself up to the ground deciding that you will save her...


In your way stands one giant obstacle ..

cant capture it !
Giratina flies around the castle. It must be why you are here !! Write a paragrah about the battle to save the princess !
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro(Vulpix), Vuelo(Pidgeotto), Rotta(Rattata), Sparks(Pichu)
Currently: Battling Giratina

"What?? A Giratina out of nowhere? and why am I in an armor? Am I supposed to fight that Giratina to save the princess?" Akmal suprised.

"Well with the help of my pokemons I will survive and save that princess who ever she might be." said Akmal confidently.

"Here goes nothing."
Akmal rushed toward the Giratina.

"This might be hard after all so I need to lower its guard first."
"Pyro do your usual routine Confuse Ray now!!" Akmal give a command to Pyro.

"That won't do much Rotta be ready with your Sucker Punch in case the Giratina is attacking us and Sparks I know you're new here but I need your help to use Thunder Wave on that Giratina." Akmal seems ready to fight Giratina heads on.

"Chu chhuuu" Sparks released its Thunder Wave toward Giratina.
Giratina seems both confused and paralyzed right now.

"All right that the way" Akmal jumps with joy but Giratina still can fight and it suddenly ram toward Akmal.
"Urghh that's hurt. You won't get away with this!!" Akmal shouted.

"Vuelo use Sand Attack to lower its accuracy."
The attack seems to work as Giratina closed its eyes due to the sands.
"Now's our chance guys lets us all of your strongest attack!!"

"Pyro Heat Wave, Vuelo Gust, Rotta Crunch, and Sparks Thundershock now!!"

Akmal command his pokemon with confident.
Giratina is weaken due to combined attack by Akmal's pokemon.

"Now's my chance for me to save the princess." Akmal said as he walk and climb the castle to save the princess.
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