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Default Re: A Political Adventure: Mitt Romney's Pokemon Journey

Alright, now that Nano and the holidays are over, I have time to write what I want. Or so I thought. Unfortunately this month is already proving itself to be the busiest of my Junior year of high school, but I at least had the time this morning to write an ending to the first segment of this political epic. Here it is, and enjoy if you so wish.

- and then stopped, laying defeated in the grass. Mitt blinked his eyes rapidly at the sight, before finally uttering a loud cry of relief, accompanied with leaps into the air and waving arms.

“Hah, take that you little twerp! No pokemon will ever get the best of me!” Mitt yelled, laughing with a hysteric’s gusto before stopping and realizing how he probably looked like a madman. With that, Mitt cleared his throat and picked up the little ball from the earth, dusting it off on the leg of his pants. He smiled broadly and stuffed it in his pocket - with the smug gesture of a ten year old boy who had just scammed someone of their lunch money.

At that moment, Mitt felt hopeful. Everything was falling into place, and it was only the first day of his journey! At this rate, he would defeat that foul Obama before he could propose a new tax plan! Whistling, Mitt began his walk back into town, trying to remember the name of that place trainers used to heal their pokemon for free - hah, a vile idea. Pokemon Penitentiary? Pokemon Socialist Getaway? He would have to remember to get rid of such things once he was President.

Little did he know that fate had other things in mind for his aging Republican body, and that his journey was not exactly going as well as he believed...
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